Skulduggery is Afoot!
Old art.  I miss you, Sam
Essay break time.  
Shirt design for the college Residential Life Staff!

Sometimes art is the only thing left that makes sense to me
Most of the time art doesn’t even make sense to me
Screenshot from Walk the Moon’s music video for Anna Sun
Bleh you can’t see the colors right at all
Also you know how sometimes you get to the point where a drawing is really good and then you’re like, oh I should add this color, and then suddenly everything is ruined??  Yes.  
"The night the moon cracked open
A voice came from within.

The moon turned to the astronaut and said to him
"Please stay.  Please stay."

The astronaut looked
back at the moon

said “I’d love to stay
but I can’t stay with you

I am sorry to report

that I must leave.

For when I’m here

with you

I cannot breathe.”

-Derrick Brown, Armstrong
Haven’t you heard that I’m the new cancer
Never looked better and you can’t stand it
Hello, art.  Haven’t done you in a while.  
Safety Bear knows what’s best